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General questions

Q: What is the aim of the web site?
A: What we do is mostly driven by our users because it is a social networking site. Currently we organize mainly on-line sessions and if you keep attending them we will keep on organizing them.

Q: What is VOD?
A: The acronym stands for Video On Demand.

Q: Can I download recordings of the sessions on to my computer?
A: No, all the sessions are property of the web site virtualstudy.pl and the content is available exclusively and only on-line. Each attempt to obtain the recordings is breaking the law and we may take legal actions.

Q: I am a lecturer, where can I obtain the templates of the presentations?
A: Please go to: http://virtualstudy.pl/forum/spotkania/288-szablon-prezentacji-virtual- study or contact the us directly.

Q: What is a lecturer’s session ( in LiveMeeting terms)?
A: The speaker is given special access to the session in lecturer mode. In this mode the speaker can share the speaker’s desktop, sound etc, with other attendees of the session. The speaker can and should test the microphone and headphones before the meeting. The session for the lecturer is open from the moment of receiving LiveMeeting invitation for the session.

Q: Why don’t I see some of the links and some of the content on the web site?
A: Some of the links and the content are hidden from view for not registered or not logged in users. Log in.

Q: During LiveMeeting session the option to activate microphone is greyed out. Why is that?
A: Only speakers and session moderators can use microphone. It is really difficult to take under control 600 people with microphones switched on.

Q: I don’t see anybody during the LiveMeeting session, is it normal?
A: Yes, very much so. Usually the speaker shares the desktop and the presentation.

Q: How many people can simultaneously connect to a session of LiveMeeting?
A: It is entirely virtual world – “the lecture hall” is like made of rubber ... so far we haven’t been able to crash a session of LiveMeeting. :-)

Q: If the sessions get more crowded how are you going to limit the numbers of participants – would the order of connecting matter – first in stays or perhaps the order in which people registered for an event?
A: There is a limit but as long as we don’t get over it everybody who wants to connect should be able to do so. If we get over the limit the order of connecting will matter, people who registered for the event and connected before reaching the limit will have priority.

Q: Are you planning on organizing a social gathering for the users?
A: Good question. It depends entirely if the users want to. And of course we need to find a sponsor – do you know anybody?

Q: Is it possible to get an email with the login details for a session. I had the conformation email in the spam mail box and it got automatically deleted.
A: Unfortunately no. You have to wait for the email reminding about the session which gets sent coupe hours before the session or you can register with a different email.

Q: How do I have to log in to a session so my attendance will be counted?
A: An attendance which counts is based on the login details from the link emailed in an invitation for a session.


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  2. Before you post a question on the Forum use Search function to check if someone has already asked that or a similar question.
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  4. You are forbidden:
    • to impersonate members of the editorial team VirtualStudy
    • to post spam
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    • to have more than one account per person
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    • to post anything which has got commercial or marketing aim
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    • to post chain messages
    • to post any content or links to such content which is in breach of copy rights, security keys, cracks, plagiarism, illegal copies of software.
  5. Posts which are not related to the appropriate section will be removed or moved to the section “Hyde Park”.
  6. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove/edit posts which offend users of the VirtualStudy Forum or break the rules.
  7. All the technical problems should be reported via our contact form which can be found at http://ww.virualstudy.pl/en/contact. You need to login first.
  8. If a user who asked a question received an answer, he or she should post description of the solution to the problem.
  9. If a user does not accept the rules of the Forum he or she should leave.
  10. Administrators reserve the rights to change the rules. The rule are binding from the moment of making them public.

Problems with publications

Q: Are you planning lectures about here some subject in the future?
A: You can check for current and forthcoming courses in the calendar section of the web site.If the course which you are after is not listed there, check publication from previous sessions. Check also on regular basis the news section where the information about coming up courses usually appears. You can also propose a subject for a course on the Forum, there maybe someone out there willing to lead a course on that subject.

Q: Is the a way of checking for which meeting I have signed up?
A: Unfortunately there isn’t. We are limited by the LiveMeeting Server.

Q: When I play a recoding from a session it keeps freezing and stopping. Is there anything I can do?
A: There might be a problem with the speed of your internet connection.

Q: Is the presentation, from a session, going to available later on?
A: Yes if we receive it from the lecturer.

Q: What should I do if the presentation does not work?
1. Install/reinstall Silverlight extension for your browser.
2. Set, in your browser, default settings.
3. Check configuration of your firewall and your ISP.

If the above steps don’t solve the problem try a different computer or try a virtual machine with a clean system. If a problem persists on all computers and all the above steps hasn’t solved it, write to us on the Forum.

Problems with LiveMeeting and sessions on-line

Q: Can I use LiveMeeting software for free?
A: Yes, even for commercial use.

Q: What is the file launch.rtc for?
A: This file holds information regarding the LiveMeeting session you are trying to connect to. In order to use it you need LiveMeeting client installed.

Q: Where can I download LiveMeeting client from?
A: It can be found in the following location: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/help/download-the-microsoft-office-live-meeting-2007-client-HA010173383.aspx

Q: I haven’t heard about LiveMeeting, where can I read up about it?
A: You can find a collection of articles about Office Live Meeting 2007 in the following location: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/CD102447431033.aspx

Q: What sort of bandwidth do I need to watch a session On-Line?
A: It depends on other parameters of the network however any modern connection should suffice ( around 512 kb/s).

Q: What sort of bandwidth do I need to watch VOD?
A: It depends on other parameters of the network however any modern connection should suffice ( around 512 kb/s).

Q: How early prior to the session can I connect?
A: You can connect 30 minutes before the LiveMeeting session.

Q: What is the best way to connect to a LiveMeeting session?
A: The best is to click on a link “join meeting” from the conformation email you have received.

Q: I have noticed that not all the sound drivers (e.g. kxdriver) work with LiveMeeting. Is there anything you can do about it?
A: You can try to contact Microsoft – it’s theirs product.

Q: I won’t be able to attend a session because ... – can I watch the recording of the session instead of attending?

A: Please remember that our main aim is to organize on-line meetings. If you stop attending them we are going to stop organizing them – no one is going to lecture to an empty “hall” albeit virtual. Further, you will not be able to ask lectures any questions.

Q: What is the difference between registering for a meeting and using a direct link?
A: If you register you get a conformation email with information about the meeting – immediately add it to your calendar e.g. in Outlook or Gmail. Some of the programs, after “Accept” has been clicked, will automatically put an entry in the calendar and will delete the original email. Gmail in addition will remind you about the meeting via a text. In case of sessions where the attendance is counted you always have to register – other users will not have their attendance recognized. Be careful, sometimes it happens that the registration email after it has been read maybe automatically moved to the calendar – e.g. in Outlook.

Q: I don’t have any more the link from the registration email. Can you resend it?
A: Unfortunately it is your responsibility to take care of the registration email and place it in the calendar, so you can use it to connect to a session.

Q: I have received a conformation about registering for a session and I have clicked on “Accept” in the left top corner of the email. The entire email vanished. I am using Outlook.
A: What happened Outlook created an entry in the calendar so check there. Unfortunately I am not familiar how other mail clients behave in a situation like that.

Q: During a session I have disconnected my headphones from my laptop and after reconnecting them I can’t hear anything. What can I do?
A: Close LiveMeeting and start it up again.

Q: Why when I receive an invitation for a LiveMeeting session the invitation does it arrive with the date 01/01/1970?
A: The software to manage meetings is at fault, check for a new version or for updates. Alternatively use another one.

Q: If I am not able to connect to a session via link “join meeting”, how do I correctly enter all the session’s details in Microsoft Office LiveMeeting 2007 software – I mean the details about the session from invitation email?
A: Start Microsoft Office LiveMeeting 2007 program. In the fields MeetingID, Entry Code and Location enter the information from the registration conformation email. You can locate them in point 2, the section titled: “Troubleshooting Unable to join the meeting? Follow these steps:”.

Q: I haven’t received a conformation after I had registered for a session. What can I do?
A: Have a look in the Spam folder in the mail client you are using. Post a question on the Forum maybe someone had a similar problem – if other people don’t experience this problem the chance is that the problem is with your settings, configuration or software you are using. As the last resort register with a different email account – we don’t resend codes to sessions. Alternatively wait to the day when the session is due – you should receive a reminder with an invitation. Unfortunately with cannot take responsibility for the LiveMeeting service, hosted in a cloud, which is sending the reminders.

Q: The links from the conformation emails are not allowing me to connect to a LiveMeeting session-what is going on? The links is in the following format: https://www.livemeeting.com/lrs/8000181573/MeetingEntry.aspx?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
A: Some email clients, for reasons unknown, chop out part of the link. Precisely the bit “ConfNo=k”. The correct format of the link should look like that: https://www.livemeeting.com/lrs/8000181573/MeetingEntry.aspx?ConfNo=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Attention. The characters xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in the link, normally represent string of upper or lower letters or numbers.

Issues with C# course and the certificate

Q: Are the users identified by the link from the conformation of the registration? As far as I can see on the list of attendees there is only displayed my name.
A: The link from the email has got all the necessary information which is written to a database. We will know who was present during a session.

Q: Is the attendance processed automatically or I have to do something else?
A: It is automatic.

Q: Is this correct that in order to receive a written certification of finishing the C# course one must be present on at least 80% of all sessions plus the session “History of Programming”?
A: The session “History of Programming” is not compulsory but is going to be taken into account in the summing up the attendance, which has to be at least 80%. The attendance during that session should be treated as a bonus for those who were diligent and attended it.

Q: Is the course C# going to start from the beginner’s level or is it better to read up on the subject and improve one’s knowledge of C++ in order to understand C# better?
A: The course is going to from the beginner’s level.

Q: If someone is late for a session is this going to count toward the total attendance of the C# course?
A: Yes.

Q: If I disconnect from a session for while and reconnect later is this going to count toward my total attendance of the C# course?
A: If you disconnect not for long, then yes.

Q: How late can one be for a session on-line of the C# course?
A: We haven’t set up a rule about that but we will try be sensible and apply common sense.

Q: Is it possible to download the session “History of Programming”? I have missed the meeting.
A: It has been published on the web site. Check the Publication section.

Q: I didn’t have to provide anywhere the “Conformation Number” from the email, is this normal?
A: Yes, probably you used IE to start the LM and the browser forwards this number in the link.

Q: If I registered for the C# course and I gave a different email than in my virtualstudy.pl profile but later I have changed the profile to match the registration, am I going to receive the certificate providing I pass the exam and my attendance is at 80%?
A: In order for your attendance to count you have to attend the session with the same email address.

Q: How long will the sessions last?
A: It depends on the lecturer, the nature of the material presented and the number of questions asked. We estimate that a session should last around 1.5 hours.

Q: How do you foresee the form of the C# exam?
A: All the information regarding the exam will be published on the web site in due course.

Q: Is the knowledge of C++ going to be helpful during the course of C# or C# has got a totally different syntax?
A: Definitely it is going to help.

Q: I am experiencing some technical problems and have to leave the C# session and try to connect again, will my attendance count in this situation?
A: Yes it will be counted.

Q: How can I check my attendance during the C# course?
A: We will send out information about your attendance at the end of the C# course, whether you qualified for the exam. If you want to know your attendance exactly - keep notes.

Q: How do you exactly count the attendance during the C# course?
A: Thoroughly and diligently.

Q: If someone missed the session “History of Programming”, can he or she still get the certificate, providing all the other conditions are fulfilled?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the exam going to be held on-line or in some place where one has to get to?
A: The exam is going to be organized on-line, you are going to be able to access it from your computerJ.

Q: Is the certificate going to have a valid to date? Will it be necessary to renew it in the future?
A: The certificate will have the date of completion on it, without the need to renew it.

Q: Is this certificate in C# worth anything?
A: Just have a thing, how much did you have to pay for it? It proves the completion of the course by you and how well you did on the exam. The rest you just have to judge yourself.

Q: Is it possible to have a look at the sample certificate in C#?
A: Unfortunately at present no.



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