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If you are reading this, than probably you are stuck with an operating system incompatibility error with our player. Luckily, there is a simple solution for that. We present you a quick guide how do solve the problem.

  1. First, go to the address:
    • On this website, is published a moonlight plugin in beta version, which is supported by our player.
  2. Start with selecting system version (32 bit/64 bit).
  3. Next press the „Download” buton.

    • If you are using Google Chrome web browser, after downloading the plugin you will be prompted with an info, about installation of new plugin. Choose "Install".

    • If you are using a Mozilla Firefox web browser you will be prompted with a request to allow installation of a new plugin. Choose "Allow".

    • When the installation is complete, Mozilla Firefox will ask to restart the web browser. After the restart you can just go to our publications website.
  4. Now when the plugin is up and running, go to the video you wanted to watch, refresh the page, and press play on the player. On the first run, the player will inform you that your operating system doesn’t have the required codecs. You simply agree to install the codecs, refresh the page, and run the video once more.

    • Now you can enjoy our publications on any operating system.


As the installed plugin is in a beta version, it may couse errors, like the one on the photo:

In this case you should just refresh the page. After the page will reload, everything should be fine.

Again as it is a beta version, it is not recommended to use it on pages other than trusted, so if you are not watching our video, it is best to turn the plugin off. To do that in Google Chrome go to the address: chrome://extensions/, and click on the „Disable” link next to the Novell Moonlight plugin.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, and you want to turn the plugin off, go to the Tools menu, and select Addons. Than select the Novell Moonlight addon, and press "Disable" button.

Tested on Ubuntu 10.10, Google Chromium 8.0.552.224 and Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13.

Mac OS

How to watch our videos on Mac OS with Safari browser?

  1. To watch our videos you will have to install a plugin for your browser called „Silverlight”, here we present the whole process.

  2. After installing the plugin we can se an active applet:

  3. After running it we are able to watch the video.

Tested on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.4, Safari 5.0.3, Silverlight version 4.0.51204.0.



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