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Title: Catching one tail with three heads - Kerberos explained - Security EN Track - VirtualStudy Conference 2010

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Tytuł: Catching one tail with three heads - Kerberos explained

Prelegent: Tomasz Onyszko

Sesja Live Meeting odbyła się 19 czerwca 2010, czas trwania: 77 minut

Opis sesji:

Kerberos is well established and secure authentication protocol which is being in use for many years now. Maybe because original Kerberos is being imagined as a three headed beast it is still not widely used in many organizations which struggles with simple problems which can be solved with Kerberos. It is also number one issues when it comes to user authentication in services like CRM, MOSS, SQL and ASP .NET applications.
This deep dive session is intended to explain in details how Kerberos authentication works, what is covered under the enigmatic term S4U, what PAC is and how applications are utilizing this protocol to reach the ultimate goal - single sign-on heaven. It will provide guidance on how to avoid most common pitfalls and how to troubleshoot Kerberos in case problem has occurred.
Tools, troubleshooting techniques, "tips and tricks" and references packed into single session.

Presenter: Onyszko Tomasz



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