Our mission involves active support for everyone open to knowledge to help them increase their personal IT competencies and delivery of up to date knowledge to everyone interested. Our paid subscription plans offer even higher trainings quality, better fitting to customers’ requirements and more suitable form. They are not recordings of live sessions, but professionally prepared and mastered video tutorials focused to quality, form and most importantly the transmission.

We believe that by participating in the trainings, you will be able to improve your skills, gather knowledge required at your work and to run your own business.

Most important facts:

  • We are an independent leader in the field of IT trainings,
  • Since we started, we have gather several hundred professional live trainings, where we had over 1000 viewers!
  • We are cooperating with the best professionals both from Poland and worldwide,
  • We are constantly improving and perfecting our offer to better suit your needs

Purchasing a subscription plan you can use our wide offer of high quality publications at any given time and place. Our trainings are made with professional attention, suited for individual needs of our various customers.

That way you can recite our presenters for their time and hard work spent on preparation of trainings made especially for you, most often free of charge!

* Offer valid until further notice!

* Previous lowest price in the 30 days before the current discount:

  • 1 Month - Residential Customers 110,70 PLN (gross)
  • 3 Months - Residential Customers 307,50 PLN (gross)
  • 6 Months - Residential Customers 590,40 PLN (gross)
  • 12 Months - Residential Customers 1 033,20 PLN (gross)
  • 1 Month - Business Customers 123,00 PLN (gross)
  • 3 Months - Business Customers 344,40 PLN (gross)
  • 6 Months - Business Customers 664,20 PLN (gross)
  • 12 Months - Business Customers 1 180,80 PLN (gross)

Choose our offer:

Time / Client Net price VAT Gross price
40,00 PLN 23% 49,20 PLN
110,00 PLN 23% 135,30 PLN
210,00 PLN 23% 258,30 PLN
400,00 PLN 23% 492,00 PLN
50,00 PLN 23% 61,50 PLN
140,00 PLN 23% 172,20 PLN
270,00 PLN 23% 332,10 PLN
480,00 PLN 23% 590,40 PLN



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